Frequently AskedQuestions (FAQ)

*  How do you save me money?

Good question. Contact us via email or telephone 2255 1777, and we will calculate together the specific difference between your current expenses in the accounting area and expenses for our services. The difference will be the saved money that will only increase in the long-term.

*  How the access to accounting data 24 hours a day / 7 days a week / 365 days a year is ensured?

Use of our services will give you the opportunity to connect to your company’s reports in our accounting program at any time, allowing you to see all the important information online. All you need is a contract with our company, a password and Internet connection.

*  Do you bear responsibility for errors?

Absolutely! We guarantee 100% accuracy in calculations according to the documents you've submitted.

In addition, we have insured our professional activities, thereby ensuring the financial security of our responsibilities.

*  Who are your clients?

Our client database has a few dozen firms from Latvia, Estonia and Cyprus. We respect the client’s desire to enjoy the privacy which is approved in each contract. However, part of the clients has agreed to provide a positive feedback on the quality of our work, recommending the use of our services to other potential clients.

*  How much does your service cost?

The price of our services depends on various factors - mainly the quantity of the documents. Price can also be calculated at a flat rate, hourly rate or a percentage of a turnover. Precise amount will be calculated together with you, taking into account your individual needs and situation. Please contact us via email or telephone 2255 1777

The main thing is that if you will use our services, we will help you to save more money than you would spend on our services.